First Full Band Performance of Grace; Losing Song Commentary, Show Updates, and more!

A new video just surfaced from a youth conference back in March of the band playing “Grace”, track 8 of Tenth Avenue North’s upcoming album, The Struggle. While an acoustic version was played and recorded at an aftershow last month, this looks to be the first full-band performance of the track. Listen below, courtesy of greenisgood911:

Lyrics to “Grace” are available in our lyrics section.


104.7 The Fish, a big supporter of “Losing”, published an article on the new radio single. Read the source post HERE or catch a quick glimpse below:

The guys from Tenth Avenue North are working on a new CD also scheduled to release later this year.  The first song from this new CD is called The Loser and lead singer Mike Donehey says “Losing” is about the choice to offer forgiveness and grace.  We feel like we’re losing because when we’re the victim, we’re in control and to forgive is to lose control.  Holding back our love doesn’t melt hearts.  C.S. Lewis said, “To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”  Listen to this new song below and CLICK HERE to pre-order the new CD on iTunes.


Following up the article, “Losing” is off to a great start! Entering its first official week on radio, it totaled up to 73 station adds! Provident Press had a small celebration with the guys and posted a snapshot on their twitter page:

Mmm… cake. Detailed billboard charting results for the single come in tomorrow. Head on over to our Promotion page to request the single to your favorite radio station!

If you’ve been listening to “Losing” on the radio lately, you may have heard this short bit of commentary from Mike play before the song, as published by WPLG Radio:


More videos from Spirit West Coast! Click the links to watch via Youtube:


An overview video has also been published on the event, featuring none other than Tenth Avenue North! Jump in between 4:05 and 5:03 to see pictures and videos of the guys:


And because I think it’s time for us all to leave on a happy note, here’s an older video of Mike doing a Smeagle impression…again.


That’s it for today! Have a great week!

  • Micheal W.

    Yesyesyes!! I LOVE losing!!! :D

  • Israel Defeo

    I wanna hear the studio version of Grace already.
    Hahaha That Smeagol impression is ridiculous

    • Alex

      “Grace” is going to be a good one – I wonder if they’ll bring the whole band in for the song, or keep it quiet/acoustic?

      • Israel Defeo

        I can see Grace with the same vibe as Satisfy. I doubt it will have a quiet/acoustic sound.