Grand Opening: Welcome to the New Site!

Well, here we are, on opening day.

After months of research, coding, and design, Tenth Avenue Nation is now open for business. I won’t make this very long, because there just isn’t that much to talk about – you have to set out and explore on your own. If you’re a bit confused about how things work over here, take a look at the quick guide below:


How do pages work?

After clicking on a main page category, (The Band, Fun Zone, The Site, etc.), navigate through the different subpages by clicking on the icons:

Alternatively, subpage navigation can be accessed through the “Navigate” menu on the right of any page:

Explore the different categories for more pages & things to do!


How do news articles work?

To learn more about news articles and read our FAQ, check out THIS page.


Where do I sign up for Tenth Avenue Nation?

To create your Tenth Avenue Nation account, click “community” in the top bar, and from that page, click the “register” button. Once you create and confirm your account, your Tenth Avenue Nation account will carry throughout the entire site. In addition, you can customize your profile, add friends, chat, discuss the band, and more.


What’s in the moving box on the homepage?

The box on the homepage is a “slider”, and it showcases our featured bits of news or pages. The slides change constantly, so be sure to check ’em out before they’re gone!


I still don’t understand….

If you have a question, inquiry, or comment, email us at or use our contact page. We’ll sort out whatever it is that you need.


So that’s the new site! Thanks for checking us out, and we’d love to hear your feedback/suggestions in the comments! News will begin posting tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

  • Jeff

    Wow, it looks great!!!! Great job!!!! :)

    • Alex

      thanks Jeff! It means a lot to us. Also, you’re officially the FIRST COMMENTER on the site!

  • Jen Mallinson

    Love it!! U guys are amazing to ur fans!!

  • Rachel Rutledge

    Loving the new site, so glad to be a part of this awesome Nation! God bless!!

    • Alex

      thanks Rachel! We’re excited to have you!