Purchase “House of Mirrors (Acoustic)” Plus Preview 4+ Minutes from “The Struggle!”

Folks with smartphones – the band just launched a mobile page for The Struggle at thestrugglealbum.com – check it out to pre-order the album, preview songs, and more!


For those of you computer users, we’ve still got a few goodies for you tonight! Check out the new information below:

Fans selecting the Topspin preorder option will receive a physical copy of “The Struggle” on CD on or before August 21 + digital download acoustic performance of “House of Mirrors”.

Right now, you can order via smartphone on thestruggletour.com. We’ll have more info on the matter shortly!


But wait – there’s more! If you do order on your smartphone….

Both the iTunes and Topspin preorder options are eligible to receive a FREE exclusive Tenth Avenue North poster. All a fan needs to do to pickup their free poster is visit the Tenth Avenue North merchandise booth on the day of show. Show the Tenth Avenue North merchandise coordinator either your iTunes Pre-Order confirmation screen as found in the iTunes App on all iOS devices (shown here) or Topspin Confirmation screen (shown here) to pickup your poster. Fans must visit the merchandise booth to receive their poster – no posters will be mailed after the show.

Nice! If you liked the 3-minute preview for The Struggle that was released a few weeks back, you’ll love what’s in store here. WARNING: Album spoilers!


What’s your favorite track so far? Share in the comments below!

  • Natalie

    Its not letting me see the TopSpin Pre-order :(

    • Alex

      You can’t get to the website on your computer – it’s only available on a smartphone. And I *think* that they bump you out on your phone if you’re not at a TAN concert presently – thus the location access. Again, stay tuned, because there will likely be a physical pre-order available on the desktop eventually.

  • Michelle

    So I know from TAN’s website they have links to pre-order from either iTunes (digital) or Amazon (physical cd), but what all this about other things along with the pre-orders? Does it have to be through Topspin (or is Topspin actually different from doing it through Amazon)? And you can only get the poster if you’re at a show during their Struggle Tour?
    I know with TAN’s past album they did a thing where you could either pre-order just the cd or get the pre-order package. Is there something like that? Should I just wait before I pre-order anything right now?
    Aaaand last question. There’s some kind of bonus song (Maybe like A Kingdom Come or something like that?) if you pre-order on iTunes–is that only iTunes? Wow, I’m just so confused and wanted to be able to get as much as I could. :p Haha

    By the way – Don’t Stop The Madness if my fav right now :D Thanks for the previews!

    • Alex

      Yeah, it’s a little confusing ATM. If I were you, I would wait a little bit before pre-ordering, to make sure the option you choose is the best. These are the current options offered and their bonus materials:

      iTunes – Digital – A Kingdom Come (Exclusive iTunes Pre-Order Track)
      Amazon – Physical – No Bonus
      Topspin – Physical – House of Mirrors (Acoustic) + Free Poster?

      What I *believe* the free poster deal is about is for the mobile site – it looks like the band was directing listeners, while they were at the concert, (thus the location access), to the website to order the album. If you pre-ordered the CD, you would go to the merch booth immediately after and be given a poster. I’m not quite sure if this relates to the upcoming Fall tour as well.

      I imagine that the topspin pre-order will be available for computer users shortly – this whole deal is kind of confusing, but once the new website finishes up, it should be a bit clearer.

  • Israel Defeo

    The Struggle is my favorite track

  • Parker Center

    The Struggle or You Do All Things Well

  • Alyssa

    I preordered a signed copy off of familychristian.com. It was kind of hard choosing between their signatures and a kingdom come. I really hope they make that available to buy if you didn’t preorder the album off of iTunes.

    • Alex

      i’m pretty sure it won’t be available outside of the pre-order, but you will probably be able to listen to it off of youtube.

  • Meredith

    Why doesn’t a bonus song come with the Amazon choice? D: