First Live Performance of “Shadows”; Tour Updates, Air 1 Feature, and More

The guys debuted “Shadows”, track 1 of The Struggle, live a few nights ago, and we have a video of the performance! Listen below:

Sweet! What do you think of the song?! Since the recording is a little blurry, we’re not going to write out the lyrics just yet – once we get a clearer recording, look for them under our The Struggle Lyrics page.


Also, we’ve got some show updates here for you today – since our last update, the guys have played Big Ticket Festival in Allegan, MI, and Risefest 2012 in Sheldon, IA. Here are some various pictures from across the web from the shows:

Photo Credit: Andrew Hill

Photo Credit: katiebug989

Photo Credit: katiebug989


Here’s a video from Big Ticket Festival of the band playing “The Truth Is Who You Are”:


“Losing” has gathered a nice homepage feature on the popular Christian radio station, Air 1:

An excerpt from the article:

“Withholding our love doesn’t give us an upper hand in any conflict,” described lead singer Mike Donehey. “‘Losing’ suggests that we actually end up losing when we don’t offer forgiveness or love.”

The song is off of Tenth Avenue North’s upcoming album The Struggle coming out in August. The record’s title acknowledges that we’ll all face struggles in life, but there is a way out. As Donehey puts it, “Things are going to be hard but we have something greater to look forward to. We are free to struggle, but because of what Christ did on the cross, we don’t need to struggle to be free.”


Have a great Monday!

  • Israel Defeo

    I love this. It’s energetic!!! My feet are stomping!

    • Alex

      I agree! The chorus comes out of nowhere, which is kind of cool.