New Video: “Thanks For Singing On Our New Record, The Struggle”

The band just posted the video onto their facebook page:


Featuring track two, “The Struggle”, of the upcoming album.


Bored? Want to play a game? How about a little round of… Where’s Waldo? See if you can find the band members in all of the sing along images below: (Click the image to enlarge).

Look for general updates, “Losing” chart results, and our POTW later today!

  • Jarod Norris

    I can find nearly all the band members in the photo’s.
    Fargo, North Dakota: All of them.
    Albuquerque, New Mexico: All of them.
    Atlanta, Georgia: All of them.
    Council Bluffs, Iowa: All of them.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota: I do not see Brendon.
    Dallas, Texas: I do not see Jeff.
    Rochester, New York: I do not see Brendon or Ruben.
    Tyler, Texas: I do not see Brendon.
    Nashville, Tennessee: I see all except Brendon. Well, I think I see him.
    Springfield, Illinois: All of them.
    Colorado Springs, Colorado: I see all except Ruben (is that him in the very back?)
    Madison, Wisconsin: All of them.


    • Alex

      Wow, great job! I don’t think that’s Ruben in the back of Colorado Springs. Some are missing from the photos – they might be taking the picture!

  • Israel Defeo

    Awesome!!! I got goosebumps with the Studio version of The Struggle especially when I heard the crowd’s chanting.

    • Zibus

      So did I! I keep getting more and more excited!

      I hope they do this next album and come to my town. That’d be so much fun!

      • Alex

        I feel like they were really creative with the way they built up to this album. And I love all of the videos they keep putting out!

      • Israel Defeo

        I hope they can come to Philippines.