Beyond Words: Letters to the Band

First off, we’d like to take this time to say farewell to Johnny Ellett, the band’s former road manager. It’s been an awesome 2 years of spectacular shows, and we will all miss you!

Second: It’s been over a week since we’ve posted an update – news has been really slow lately, and the band has been off at home, in the studio, and even performing at a wedding! During that time, they only played one show in Decatur, IL with future tour partners Rend Collective Experiment – if you have any updates from the concert, send them to – thanks!

Third: The band’s new website has finally been unveiled! Take a tour of all of the new features HERE.

UPDATE: Thanks to the 40+ writers who submitted letters! At this point, submissions are closed as we design and print the book, preparing to hand it over to the band on August 7. Stay tuned for results on how it went and Tenth’s reactions!

So over the few months that we’ve been live, I have been sent so many great stories and requests to share them with the band. Most of you have been impacted in some way by Tenth Avenue North – I know of a few cases where the song “You Are More” stopped cutting, suicide attempts, and other harmful acts. One of the great things about the band is that they never get tired of reading your stories and letters. And since so many of you don’t have the chance to deliver it to them, we’re going to do it for you!


The concept of this community project is simple – you, the fans, write a letter to Tenth Avenue North regarding anything you’d like to tell them. Even if you think that your story or letter isn’t that good, they would definitely still love to read it! If you don’t have much to say, at least write a short thank-you or letter of appreciation. We will then compile the letters into a book and pass it on to the band on August 7.

The deadline for letter submissions is midnight on July 20, 2012. No letters can be accepted after that point, as the book will be in printing.

Your letter can be any size – short, long, wide, tall, or even a few pages long! There’s no limit on the size of your message.

The details we will need from you are your name, country, and letter. Using your email address is optional – we will only email you if there is an error with your submission. Send us your letter below:

If the form is not working for you, please email your submission to For questions and/or suggestions, please contact us via email or leave a message in the comments below.

Thanks guys! I know the band is going to love this.

  • Israel Defeo

    Sent mine. Please confirm :)

    • Alex

      We’ve received it! Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Is mine in there? :)

        • Alex

          I can’t tell because your comment is anonymous!

  • Tyler Wiley

    Did mine get through??

    • Alex


  • Alyssa

    I sent mine but I accidentally put the wrong email in the email box

    • Alex

      It’s okay, I received yours alright! Thanks!

  • Rachel

    Everyone else is asking for a confirmation on the letter, so I guess I’ll ask for one too1 :)

    • Alex

      Your letter is in the book!

  • Lauren M

    I sent mine via email…can you confirm?

    • Alex

      Yup! Your letter came in okay.

  • Nohemi

    Can you please confirm if mine was sent correctly :)

    • Alex

      Yes, we received your letter!

  • Hannah Durham

    Thank you for doing this, Tenth Avenue Nation. :) This is a wonderful opportunity for us fans and I’m sure it will inspire the TAN boys. You guys are wonderful!

    • Alex

      Thank you for helping out! :)

  • Emily

    Hello! Please tell me mine went through on time…. :)

    And also, will you be editing the spacing in these? Becuase I had written different paragraphs but it all came through on the preveiw as on long letter. Thanks!

    • Alex

      Yeah, we have yours! And yes, we will be editing spacing and such to an extent. They won’t need THAT much as they will be in a handwriting font over a fake piece of paper in the book, so they’re supposed to look like a long letter.

      • Emily

        Okay, I was just wondering becuase without the breaks mine looked kinda jerky, haha. :P Thanks!

  • Sierra

    I’m not sure what time zone you’re in, but it’s still before midnight where I am! Please let me know if my letter made it in!

    • Alex

      It came in 45 mins after midnight, but that’s okay :) we’ll still use it. Thanks!

  • Jessi

    Sorry my name is Jessi the anonymous lol

    • Alex

      Okay! We have yours.

  • Israel Defeo

    I got all hyped up thanking the band for their music and letting God use them but I forgot to thank you Alex for doing this and giving us opportunity to communicate our appreciation for the band. So thank you :)

    • Alex

      That’s okay, because it’s SUPPOSED to be about the band :) and thank you!

  • Jessi

    Yea Alex!!! You’ve done a great job with this :D Keep up the good work!!!

  • Michaela

    Can I still post/share my story?!

    • Alex

      The book has already been delivered, so we can no longer accept submissions – sorry! Feel free to share it in our “Fan Stories” section, though :)