BLAM! Interviews, Photos, Jeff’s Tour of New York City, Videos, and much more!

For those of you who have ever wanted to visit the “Big Apple”, you should be glad to know that now you don’t have to, thanks to Jeff Owen Touring Inc. The newfangled technology of these days allows him to take you on a virtual tour through the pigeon transportation, the now famous 42nd street, and Grand Central Station. Check it out:

“See, these guys right here, they’re taking a tour… I’m the real tour! They’re paying, like, $20! This is free!”
Big Ticket Festival uploaded a sweet shot of Mike with our friend Annah:

Photo Credit: Big Ticket Festival


34 Minutes of the band playing at Creation Fest, featuring “Break Me Down”, “Losing”, “Satisfy”, and other hits!

Other recent concert videos:


WJTL posted a few new videos from Creation Fest – advice for young musicians:

^^ Man, I LOVE that. “If you’re not willing to hold a toilet brush, you have no business holding a microphone.”

And of course, the randomness that foll-BLAM!

Blam is the sound that good advice makes. Right.

WAY FM Louisville uploaded tons of new shots of the band from Ichthus Festival (as taken by Jessie Hagan) – check out the full set HERE and a few below:

Photo Credit: Jessie Hagan

Photo Credit: Jessie Hagan

Photo Credit: Jessie Hagan

Photo Credit: Jessie Hagan

Photo Credit: Jessie Hagan


Also, we checked in with some staff and found out more official details on, for all of you that’ve been contacting us. Here’s what we found out:

  • The mobile site is intended to be used to pre-order the new album during a Tenth Avenue North concert. If you’re not at the concert while on the site, it will kick you off.
  • If you order the album from the site, while at a show, give your phone to the folks running the merch booth and they will hand you a free poster.
  • If you choose the “Topspin” pre-order option, you will receive a free download of “House of Mirrors” acoustic OR live (we’re not sure on that detail yet!).
  • The Topspin pre-order will most likely NOT be available for web users in the future. The iTunes and Amazon orders are looking to be the only ones.

Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll try our best to answer them! Thanks!

  • Israel Defeo

    Awesome live performance and interview!

  • Aika S.

    hahah jeff is awesome and mike gave some great advice.