The Struggle FAQ

With less than a month to go until the release of The Struggle, anticipation has been building each day and we’re receiving more and more questions about the record. We’ve set up this simple FAQ post to clear up any confusion and answer some common inquiries – if you have a question that’s not on this list, feel free to ask us via comments or email and we’ll add it to the FAQ.


1) What is the font used for “The Struggle” on the album cover?

The font is an adaptation of Mike’s handwriting by their design manager, Tim Parker.


2) What is the band’s favorite song from the record?

They all agree that “Don’t Stop the Madness” is a great one – lyrically and musically!


3) Will there be other options to pre-order the album?

Right now, they’re sticking with iTunes and Amazon as the main pre-orders.


4) Will there be new merch available for the album?

Yes! Jason posted on facebook and twitter a few weeks back, asking fans for ideas for new merchandise. They should be out for this year’s Fall tour!


5) Is there somewhere I could go to hear the album now?

While you cannot hear the full album at this point, song previews to over 4 minutes from the album have been posted and are up for streaming HERE. The album will stream early on Family Christian’s website from August 14-20.


6) How can I get the exclusive recording of “House of Mirrors” when I get kicked off of

We checked in for some official word on the mobile site a few weeks back and found this out:

  • The mobile site is intended to be used to pre-order the new album during a Tenth Avenue North concert. If you’re not at the concert while on the site, it will kick you off.
  • If you order the album from the site, while at a show, give your phone to the folks running the merch booth and they will hand you a free poster.
  • If you choose the “Topspin” pre-order option, you will receive a free download of “House of Mirrors” acoustic OR live (we’re not sure on that detail yet!).
  • The Topspin pre-order will most likely NOT be available for web users in the future. The iTunes and Amazon orders are looking to be the only ones.


7) Will I be able to purchase the iTunes bonus song, “A Kingdom Come”, without getting the whole album?

At this point, it looks like the song will be exclusive to pre-ordering the album on iTunes – so get it before it’s gone!


8) What will be the next single off of the album?

The lead single, “Losing”, has already been released – you can purchase it on iTunes or Amazon MP3! The next radio single probably will not be released until after the album is out, and we do not know what the single will be at the moment.


9)  Who painted the album cover for The Struggle?

The album art is an adaptation of a famous painting by Rembrandt.


10) How long are each of the songs?

Jesus Freak Hideout posted the length of the songs from the album – the entire thing is 51 minutes and 33 seconds, and the individual times are listed below:

  1. Shadows (4:30)
  2. The Struggle (4:32)
  3. Worn (4:08)
  4. Losing (3:36)
  5. Don’t Stop the Madness (4:55)
  6. Where Life Will Never Die (3:49)
  7. Strangers Here (3:37)
  8. Grace (3:39)
  9. All the Same (4:53)
  10. Hostage of Peace (4:26)
  11. You Do All Things Well (4:46)
  12. Lamb of God (4:45)


11) Will there be a music video for any of the songs?

Yes! The video for “Losing” was filmed in June and featured concert shots from VA – it should be out soon!


12) Will the record be released on Vinyl?

Probably not. Although there’s always a possibility.


13) Help! I can’t pre-order the iTunes digital copy of the album from my iPhone/iPod Touch!

Some users have been having this issue – you could try ordering on a computer or contacting iTunes customer service.


14) Why is “Don’t Stop the Madness” so long?!

I guess the band liked it better long! It ends with a minute or so of jazzy instrumentals, so the entire song is not words.


15) Will there be any other music videos besides “Losing”?

There will be a few lyric videos, too – but that’s all I’ll say on that for now!

  • Annah Z

    Do you know if Tim Parker has his own website?

  • Israel Defeo

    cool.. a video for Losing

  • gjamison

    Lamb of God is the best song on the album to me.