The New Tenth Avenue North Website Unveiled!

If you missed our update a few minutes ago, we’re starting up a community project – submit your message/letter to us, and we’ll compile it in a book and pass it on to Tenth Avenue North! Read more HERE.

Here it is, folks! The new site has “slipped out from the curtain” (ha) and is now public! Click HERE to visit it.

A quick tour, shall we?


The new Tenth Avenue North homepage features a much cleaner look with quick links around the website. The cluttered slider, sidebars, and notices have been removed and replaced with recent videos, tour dates, and news. While the community feature has been disabled for the new site, commenting is available using only your name.



The tour page resembles a white interface (such as our tour page) and offers the option to sort through all dates and local dates. It’s all linked through “bandsintown” and facebook, so you can share the event with your friends!



Showcasing lyrics, information, purchase links, and previews to all 4 nationally released albums, the Music page offers simple information to the casual fan. The section for The Struggle also embeds preview clips for the 6 songs we posted about last week.



The well known Journal section has been split into three sections – an archive/site entries, “Ask Jeff” (a Q&A type of column page on formspring – follow us on formspring, too!), and a new tumblr blog for Mike, available HERE. (Again, follow us on tumblr HERE!)



Fancy lightbox videos and an easy to navigate organization system feature the band’s youtube channel in a clean environment.



Special announcements and other posts created by management for cool new updates.



If you don’t have a twitter or an instagram and have been missing out on Tenth’s posts, worry no more! The photos and tweets are now streaming to the Social page so that you’ll never miss out on a funny pic, tour update, or announcement again.



New pictures of the band in the studio, on tour, in the press, and more! (If you caught a glimpse of the press photos we put up and took down a few weeks ago, they’re now back up in the photos section and soon to our gallery).



The Tale of Tenth Avenue North: A (brief) description of the band with a sidebar featuring sponsors and equipment.



The Tenth Avenue North store featuring t-shirts, sweatshirts, CDs, and other cool merchandise!


What are your thoughts on the new website? Do you like it? Dislike it? Share your thoughts!

  • Israel Defeo


  • Jacob McLin

    This is a really cool site. I’m a huge fan so this is right up my alley.

  • Nicole

    It’s beautiful! Who was the designer? I’ve been trying to find out who made it everywhere!