“Losing” Music Video Premiere; We’re Back From the Hack!

Hi guys! First off, check out the all-new music video for “Losing” below:

What do you think about the video? Were you in the crowd in VA?

Also, we thank you for your patience as we were hacked – someone implanted malicious files into the website, and we’ve asked users to stay off since then. We’ve finally removed the bad code and everything is back to normal – look for updates on the Kingdom Bound show from tonight and results from “Beyond Words” tomorrow. We’ve got photos and a special thank-you message from the band!


  • Katie

    So.. where in Virginia was this filmed? Cuz one scene looked a lot like the Capital building where my Dad works xD, but Virginia is a rather large place.. so yeah :P probably not xD

    • Alex

      I believe it was filmed in Mike’s hometown of Fredericksburg, VA.

      • Mr D

        Yes indeed, The ONE Fest with Tenth Ave was in Fredericksburg, VA at the Celebrate Virginia Live! venue near Central Park on June 2, 2012.

        • Katie

          Sorry for the multiple comments, my computers being stupid xP

        • Katie

          Gosh, I wish I could have gone to that, I was still in school though, it would be way too hard to go. But I think I’m seeing them in September.. I’m so excited!! :) I keep forgetting about that xD. I think it’s on a school night though :P ah well :P

      • Katie

        Ah cool :) I had no idea Mike was from Virginia, that’s literally like an hour away from me right now O.O wow.. they were close xD if I would of known, I could have been in the video xD

      • Katie

        Ah, weird, that’s literally like 1 hr away from me, lol I could have gone if I’d have known, but it depends on when it was xP. And I didn’t even know Mike was from Virginia, that’s so cool :) that’s where my Dad lives, and where I am currently xD. Or at least at the moment, I’m leaving on Saturday xP it’s so nice here, I don’t wanna leave xD

  • KD Dela Cruz

    Yay! glad the website’s back to normal. :)
    I like the video!

  • Aika S.

    The video is AMAZING!! I wish I could be in that crowd :)