FIRST LOOK: Full Lyrics to “The Struggle” Released

UPDATE: We’ve removed the lyrics on request of the band – sorry! If you missed them, stay tuned to read them when the album releases.

  • Jessi

    Mam!! I gotta say “Don’t stop the Madness” and “The Struggle” are my two favorites!

    • Alex

      “Worn” might steal the win for me.

  • Jessi


  • Kevin Deane

    Brilliant. Looks like their best lyrics yet!

  • Emily27

    When these guys write songs, it’s like you have to try to figure out the riddles that the lyrics are before you can even think about the music. That’s what’s cool about their songs. They catch you with the lyrics, and you just want to know more about what their getting at! :)

    • Alex

      That’s a really interesting way to put it! I agree — that’s why they’re such good writers. There’s something new hidden in the lyrics every time you listen.

  • Zibus

    I’ll say it again, You Do All Things Well is going to be the best!

    Also, did anyone notice in Lamb of God? The first line reminded me of You Are.

    • Alex

      “You Do All Things Well” is great and has a really strong ending. The pace in it is slower than the live performance video, but it’s got a great beat going with some awesome emotion. You’ll love it!

  • Israel Defeo

    I’m late haha