Acoustic Cover of “Stand By Me”; Download “The Struggle” for Free; Concert Updates

Release day has closed, and we’ve got a jam-packed post for you guys today with album results, rumors, and reviews!

iTickets is holding its free download of the week as none other than…. “The Struggle”! Head right over HERE to get the song for free. On a side note, we’ve been seeing a few rumors that “The Struggle” will be the follow-up single to “Losing”! Again, those are just rumors, so we’ll let you know if anything is ever confirmed.


Our POTW will be held off this week as we continue yesterday’s poll – we’re asking you to pick your 3 favorite songs from the album! Vote below:

What are your 3 favorite songs off of "The Struggle"?

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Jesus Freak Hideout posted (another) review of the new album, giving it a 3.5 out of 5, saying “The Struggle can, well, struggle.” They continued to bash “Don’t Stop the Madness” – those guys REALLY don’t like the song, huh? Read through it HERE.

We’ve finally got some videos from the acoustic album preview with Sirius XM in NYC a few weeks ago – play their cover of “Stand By Me” below, and more links following! (Did you know? This cover is going to be on their iTunes acoustic release, coming this winter!)


The guys played an album release show in a mall yesterday! If you’ve got any other updates on the show, send them in to, but right now, we’ve got a few videos from the set:

Photo Credit: Tenth Ave

Photo Credit: Julie Whetstine


It’s way too early to be looking at statistics for The Struggle, but we CAN show you the current iTunes results, since they’re instant.

The band has been featured on the iTunes homepage:

The album is currently the #5 top selling album on all of iTunes and the #1 top selling album on the christian charts:

Plus, “The Struggle” and “Losing” are climbing the christian songs charts for individual purchases:


The Tenth Avenue North store overcame a makeover, and is now located directly on the site! Click the image below to check it out.


That concludes our updates for today – remember to submit your photo for the struggle collage, and continue to promote the album!

  • Jarod

    Do you think that TAN will put up any new apparel (new shirts, accessories, etc.)on their website for the Struggle tour? If they do, I hope they make Tenth Avenue North branded socks… xD

    • Alex

      Usually the way these things work is that they have the merch at shows first, then upload what’s left to the site. For example, there’s a ton of merch at their shows that isn’t online right now. But yes, they’re working on new stuff for the upcoming tour :)

  • Emily

    Oooh, an acoustic release! And #3 album overall! Excitin stuff!! =D

  • Meghan D.

    The lady who posted all those videos, has the one video of them talking about their favorite line from the new album, & it has me talking in it. Well, I’m the girl who knew all the lyrics to new songs haha. That was sort of random :P