The Struggle: Listen To The Full Album NOW



  • Alex

    What do you think of the album? Thoughts? Emotions? Share with us in the comments! Also, read our review as you listen and see if you agree/disagree with any points we made:

  • Rachel

    Thought my favorite one was going to be Losing, then it was Worn, but then I got to Lamb of God!! WOW – I think I’ll just click repeat and let that play continuously ALL day!!

    • Alex

      Isn’t “Lamb of God” BEAUTIFUL? Yeah, when I listened to the album for the first time, my thoughts went something like this – “This is my favorite, wait this is my favorite, wait this is my favorite, wait this is my favorite….”

  • Hannah

    It’s so hard to pick which I like the best, because I got to “Don’t Stop the Madness” and then felt the need to go back and listen to the first four again. I don’t think I will get all the way through before 10 pm.

  • Brittany

    I can’t pick a favorite!!!
    I’m actually re-listening to some of the songs, because they started me so at peace that I fell asleep D:
    Now usually, that might sound like a bad thing, but it really isn’t. It’s like God’s presence take’s over in my entire house when I listen to their music, and especially in this album! :) I feel safe, secure, and peaceful when I listen to their songs <3

  • Emily27

    I can’t pick a favorite until I can take the time to read and analyse all the lyrics cause that’s when the songs really start to take meaning and become special to me. Worn is already up there just because of memories hooked in with it. I just listened the whole thing thru and then I started to work out the guitar chords for some of them. Grace has really easy chords and it’s fun to play over and over.

  • Josh H

    The Struggle
    1. Shadows – 6.5/10 good lyrics. Has a funky bridge.

    2. The Struggle – 6/10 lyrics are a little cliché. Good piano drive. Catchy chorus.

    3. Worn – 6.5/10. Lyrics are good. Reminds me a lot of Chris Tomlin’s stuff. Ending is pretty good.

    4. Losing – 7/10. Not as funky as the original version. However, very solid lyrics, great energy, and great harmony throughout.

    5. Don’t Stop the Madness – 6.5/10. Good lyrics. It’s a very chill song.

    6. Where Life Will Never Die – 7/10. Great lyrics. C.S. Lewis quote for the win. Music is good too.

    7. Strangers Here – 8/10. Great lyrics. The best melody yet. It’s kind of calm but it has enough energy to make it upbeat.

    8. Grace – 7.5. Good lyrics. Sounds like a modern hymn. Good n catchy.

    9. All The Same – 6.8. Good lyrics. Kinda reminds me of Casting Crowns.

    10. Hostage of Peace – 7/10. Good lyrics. Nice melody.

    11. You Do All Things Well – 5.5/10. This one’s alright. Not a solid melody to cling to.

    12. Lamb of God – 5/10. This one seemed a little cliche and once again very similar to Chris Tomlin.

    I’d give the album a 6.5/10. There’s a few solid tracks (Losing, Strangers Here, and Grace) but it’s very much like Healing Begins in that a it feels like a few radio hits written with a bunch of other filler tracks. I feel the last two songs were the weakest. And I think there’s a little too much piano (coming from a guy who plays the piano and loves it dearly). There’s not much musical diversity really. A lot of piano melodies and people all singing together. Losing was the most diverse to me with the rap. Also a lot of the same theology poplin from previous records as well.

    This review may be a little harsh, probably because I am comparing a band who’s on their third release to veterans like Switchfoot or Needtobreathe.. at least musically. Lyrically they all reach out differently. It took Switchfoot four albums to really strike gold as far as music goes. I still think they could strike gold especially when I hear Losing but it may be another album before they do. Or they could be another Casting Crowns/Tomlin who makes virtually the same album every so many years but people get it because they’re the big names in the Christian Music industry. Who knows? Not dissin those big names though. They have an awesome ministry it’s just not my favorite kind of music.

    Anyways, I think Tenth Ave certainly make up for it with a stellar show and a big heart for reaching out and touching people’s lives. They’ve made an impact in my life for sure. I don’t think they’ve tapped their fullest potential but that’s just me. Also, my opinion could easily change as I’ve only heard the album once now. I may pick this record up when I go see em in September. Till then, I’m probably getting tracks 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

  • Kirby

    “The Struggle” is probably my favorite TAN song ever. It really has been since I first heard the youtube clips and live performances, but the studio version just seals the deal.

    For the album overall, I’m way into the first six songs, but I think the others will need time to grow on me. Definitely a solid record though! Excited to buy it.

  • Natalie

    I don’t know if I can pick a favorite yet! I really love the songs though. Tenth Ave just outdid themselves.

  • Christina

    I have to say I love Don’t Stop the Madness. It just shakes my core everytime I listen to it. The way it talks about God bringing us pain so we can feel His love and Mercy is incrediable. I also love All the Same. It’s so hard to just choose one.

  • Israel Defeo

    Team Worn :D