It’s Finally Here; The Struggle Releases Worldwide

People, put on your party hats, because The Struggle is officially here.

The day we’ve all been patiently (actually, I think we’ve all been overly antsy – patient isn’t the right word here) waiting for has finally arrived, and the new album is available worldwide. Head on over HERE to grab a copy on iTunes (without the bonus track “A Kingdom Come” – that is now gone forever) and HERE on Amazon.

Here are your tasks for the day to help promote the album:

  • Write a positive review of the CD from wherever you purchased it from (iTunes, Amazon, Family Christian Stores, etc)
  • Share the CD with your friends on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc
  • Take a picture of your CD or iTunes screencap and click here to be a part of the collage project
  • Enjoy the album!


We know that it’s really early to be calling favorites on the record, but we’re asking you to pick 3 of your favorite songs from the CD to vote for in the poll below:

What are your 3 favorite songs off of "The Struggle"?

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(We’re not THAT mean to make you pick only one).


We’ve got another surprise for you today – official chord charts from the album! Head over HERE to check out how the guys play each song. If you’re looking to read the lyrics to the record, we’ve uploaded them in our lyrics section HERE.


Here are what some famous musicians have been saying about the album:

Sidewalk Prophets:

Jonathan Steingard (Hawk Nelson):

Mike Scheuchzer (MercyMe):

Sanctus Real:

Air 1 Radio:

Trevor Morgan:

Jason Ingram (Record Producer):

Rend Collective Experiment:



Discussion time! Continuing the comments from last week’s stream, we’re asking you to write a short review of the album – favorite tracks? What did you like? Dislike? What surprised you? Let’s discuss!

  • Jessi

    I have to say I’m debating between Worn and Don’t stop the madness as my favorite, but the entire album is amazing!!!! I’m so proud of the guys for their hard work!!! it defiantly payed off!!!!

  • Alyssa

    I seriously love strangers here!!! A lot of the time in life I’m hurt by other people, people tell me that I’m annoying, everyone is always arguing ect. The only place I feel comfortable is at church. This song makes me feel like its going to be ok.

  • Aika S.

    This album is absolutely amazing!!!!! My favorites are the struggle and worn but they’re all fantastic. The band can always do a great job and they’ve outdone themselves with his album :)

  • Karla

    its impossible for me to pick a favorite. i sincerely love every song! i feel like each one talks to me in a different way. so proud of the band. so greatful for their music and what God does through them.

  • Israel Defeo

    Album Ranks:
    1)The Struggle
    2)Over And Underneath
    3)The Light Meets The Dark

    The Struggle Tracks Ranks:
    1)You Do All Things Well
    3)The Struggle