Volunteer for The Struggle Tour; Show Updates; Interview with K-LOVE

Hey guys! Management just unveiled the newest project for the upcoming The Struggle Tour – fan volunteers! See below:

From management:

Tenth Avenue North is looking for fans in each city of The Struggle Tour to help promote the show. Any fan who contacts their team to help promote will be considered for a free poster + access to the Q&A with the band for the show they help promote. For more information visit http://thestruggletour.com/promote/ and contact team TAN!


To get started, email joanna@showdownmgmt.com with the subject “Struggle Tour Promotions for City, State” (replace city/state with the show info) and let her know that you’d like to help out with promotion! Please note that you MUST coordinate with management to gain access to the Q&A.

Online users NOT attending a show, we haven’t forgotten about you, and there will be some ways for you to help promote the tour on the internet in the near future. Stay tuned!

The band was at Rock the World festival last Saturday, and our friend John sent us some photos and notes! Check out what he had to say:

Tenth Avenue North played at Rock the World Music Fest last Saturday!!! Here are some pictures. Videos weren’t allowed. :( After Tenth Avenue North finished, Jeremy Camp closed the night and the guys from TAN came out to dance with him during one of his songs!!!

Some of the songs they played were:
Healing Begins,
The Struggle,
Strong Enough to Save,
Didn’t know the rest, but these were ones that I caught.

Photo Credit: John


Popular Christian music station K-LOVE interviewed the band a few mornings ago, and split the chat up into four different parts – “Kids”, “New Band Members”, “The Struggle”, and “Live Because of God.” Click HERE to check ’em out!

Jeff: (On Simon) “I mean, he literally will just tilt his head back and cry out to the heavens, and plop down on the floor and stay there.”
KLOVE: “And so how do you deal with that?”
Jeff: “We leave the room.”


Tenth Avenue North was with KLTY Radio recently and recorded two new videos – first, the classic acoustic version of “Losing”, complete with guitar case drumming by Jason:

They also talked about the theme of the new album in THIS video.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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