New AveNews Email; #10DaysTillTenth Promo; NJ & VA Tour Updates

A new issue of Tenth AveNews was sent out today about The Struggle Tour – check it out below, and see if you can spot our feature in the newsletter:

Hello friends,

We’ve got a few shows under our belt on THE STRUGGLE TOUR and we’re so stoked for what’s ahead. Thank you to every one who has come out so far. We hope the rest of you can make it when we swing by your neck of the woods!


Download the Official Struggle Tour App 

Ever wondered what time each band will hit the stage? Or what new merchandise items are available at the show? What about directions? Or how about an easy way to sponsor a Compassion International child right from your phone? You can do all that and more with the official Struggle Tour app!

All you need to do to grab the app is visit from your iPhone or Android device. iPhone users will see a dialogue that asks to install on your iPhone. Follow the prompts and then you are set – feel free to access the app on the days leading up to the show to see photos from past shows, request a song, get information on the deluxe ticket Q&A and more!

Join the #10DaysTillTenth Promo!

Fan site is hosting a great way for fans to get involved with promoting the Struggle Tour show nearest them. For the 10 days leading up to the show in your town, Tenth Avenue Nation has a list of great Tenth Avenue North related content you can share on your social networks to help get your friends pumped about the show. Join the fun at

That last bit is certainly true – we’ve launched a new campaign for show attendees like you to spread the word about the concert. Click HERE to learn more and see how you can get involved!


We’ve been receiving all sorts of updates from fans at the tour, and from what we’ve heard, it’s going great! Check out photos, the setlist, and notes from our friend Meghan, who attended the Middletown, NJ show last week:

Setlist: (I’m typing this exactly how it was typed, since I managed to get the set list after the concert)
1) Shadows
2) Strong Enough
3) Pretty Things
4) Struggle
5) Healing Begins
6) Losing
7) Don’t Stop the Madness
8) Worn
9) Pick One (audience)…We picked Times! :)
10) Lamb — worship
11) Hostage of Peace
12) Strangers Here
13) You Are More
14) Grace
15) By Your Side
16) Where Life Never Dies

This was my 7th Tenth Ave concert, and they never disappoint me! Every show always seems to get better and better. It was so much fun! I was front and center, I got the VIP package, and I met Mike, Jeff, and Jason and they signed. They remembered me. (Ruben and Brendon didn’t come out of the bus) My little brother accepted Jesus into his heart last night, and Mike prayed with us, which was awesome! :) Also, They have tons of new merch. I got “The Struggle” guitar pick and purple bracelet.

Photo Credit: Meghan

Photo Credit: Meghan

Photo Credit: Meghan


Next up, we have photos from Sunday’s show in VA, courtesy of Cathy – check out her full set HERE and a few below:

Photo Credit: Cathy

Photo Credit: Cathy

Photo Credit: Cathy, the official website of the Grammys, published a new article on Tenth Avenue North titled, “Tenth Avenue North Are Looking Up.” It was filmed back in June at the Nashville Grammy block party. Click HERE to see the video interviews about their first concert, advice for musicians, and Mike singing…. Bruno Mars?


If you purchased a VIP ticket for The Struggle Tour, you get access to a nifty pre-show question & answer session with the band. Here’s a photo of what to expect from the event courtesy of tumblr user lookinggforlove:

Photo Credit: lookinggforlove


If you’re looking to go to the September 30th show in Cincinatti, OH, the venue is giving away 2 free tickets by answering a simple trivia question about Jeff! Click HERE to participate and be entered for the drawing. (Thanks for the tip, Josh!)


And as with every concert update, we’ve collected numerous videos from various dates on the tour, courtesy of YouTube users around the country. Take a listen:

Middletown, NJ

Sewell, NJ

Woodbridge, VA

Mariottsville, MD

Unknown Concert Date

  • Brittany

    I love this group! What a strong line-up of musicians/vocalists. Absolutely loving the video for “Losing” too!!

  • KidWithaBulletSoul

    Hey Alex, do you know if the guys have been signing after shows? Cause I’m gonna see them in Indiana on Saturday and I’d really like to get my stuff signed, but I can’t go to the Meet and Greet.

    • Alex

      Depends on the day! Usually the signings are decided in-the-moment based on weather, location, how tired they are, if the venue is willing, etc. So… maybe!

      • KidWithaBulletSoul

        Okay, thank you!