Happy Birthday, Mike! Beaver Falls Photos, Concert Videos, Burlington Review

First off, we’d like to wish a VERY happy birthday to the one and only Mike Donehey! He turns 32 today. Be sure to leave a birthday wish in the comments or tweet him one! If you’re going to Tenth’s show tonight in Ohio and meeting Mike, wish him a happy birthday there, too.

Tenth was in Beaver Falls, PA on September 27, 2012 for a show – check out some photos below courtesy of Alex Aseltine Photography, and see the full set HERE:

Photo Credit: Alex Aseltine Photography

Photo Credit: Alex Aseltine Photography

Photo Credit: Alex Aseltine Photography

^ Nice. We heard that somebody proposed at that concert – how cool!


Christine sent us her review of the show in Burlington, NC last week – read it below:

We took our 14 year old daughter to the show in Burlington, NC this past Friday. My husband and I are so thankful for the ministry of this group. It is clear where their focus is! How refreshing to see young men with a sincere passion for Jesus! Our daughter may just be their number one fan! In fact, their music is always her first choice! My husband met Mike and Jeff at a spelling bee in Nashville last year. Mike was kind enough to call our daughter after learning how much she loved their music!


Air 1 keeps a list of their top played songs for the week, and right now, “Losing” stands at #1! See the list HERE.

Concert videos from YouTube from the past week:

September 20, 2012 – Burlington, NC

September 21, 2012 – Burlington, NC

September 22, 2012 – Gaffney, SC

  • Emily27

    Happy Happy Birthday to Mike! ♫♪♫ I’m throwin a party for him, even though i’m far far away, I’m still celebrating!
    The funny thing is Mike shares the same birthday as my pastor.
    What’s even stranger is that Mike and Kelly’s anniversary is the same day as my birthday :) Weird coincidences, though awesome!

    • Alex

      AND that Mike and Kelly share a birthday!

  • Katie

    They were SO awesome live :). Lol it was so adorable when this one guy proposed :3. I took video and photos too.. but I think they turned out too bad of quality to be worth anything.. lol :P

  • Israel Defeo

    Happy birthday Mike and Kelly :D

  • Zibus

    Ha-ha-ha-Happy Birthday Mike! And may you have many more to come!

    Thanks for all your great work these many years.