Brendon Covers “Call Me Maybe” On Accordion [AUDIO]

A few nights ago in Texas, Brendon did some “Call Me Maybe” on the accordion, and Mike added his own lyrics to the song – we finally have a recording¬†(Thanks Sarah)¬†– click below to listen:

I saw this dog,
And it looked crazy
So then I called out

Someone save me

And it ran
And I was ??
And then it bit me
Then I got rabies

I’m thinking they should do a full-song cover in concert… anyone agreeing?

  • sarah

    ok well that made my morning :D

  • Noelia

    Haha I laughed a lot!!

  • Israel Defeo

    yes!!! hahaha!!!
    I agree they should cover the whole song. That song was my guilty pleasure. Who isn’t?

  • Kari

    Mike is so funny. :) they are awesome

  • Elise

    lol! This is part of the reason y i love this band! :) Mike is awesome!!