The Struggle Tour Wraps Up with “Prank Night”; Our Favorite Moments

After two months of touring and 39 shows, Tenth Avenue North’s biggest headlining tour to date has come to a close. And of course, it ended with a bang in Pace, FL – Audrey, Rend Collective, and Tenth declared it “prank night.” And some crazy stuff went down during the show.


Prank #1. The Snuggle Tour.

Photo Credit: @theatlanticlove


Prank #2. Grapes?

Photo Credit: @smashton91 (instagram)

We’ll keep an eye out if we spy anymore on the web… in the meantime, check out some pictures from the show courtesy of instagram and twitter users everywhere:

Group photo!

Photo Credit: smashton91 (instagram)

Photo Credit: cary_on27 (instagram)

Photo Credit: clow1995 (instagram)

Photo Credit: amberlavet (instagram)

Photo Credit: @SkubeDoo88 (twitter)

Photo Credit: @DJSam8 (instagram)


Josiah send us this awesome video he took while in Clearwater, FL of TAN playing “Don’t Stop the Madness.” Watch:


Since this tour has been so much fun and filled with so many surprises, we’re taking our favorite photos and videos from the stops and compiling them below. Re-experience the tour!

A cover of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This actually happened.




Mike and Audrey’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Photo Credit: Annah Zantello

Photo Credit: KariBelle Photography

Photo Credit: Cheryl Weaver Photography

Photo Credit: Will Bucquoy

Photo Credit: J Garcia Photography

Photo Credit: Johnny PBA

Photo Credit: Johnny PBA

The first ever Tenth Avenue North concert proposal:

Photo Credit: Johnny PBA

Photo Credit: Johnny PBA

The Struggle Tour has been so much fun – we want to hear YOUR thoughts! What show did you go to? What was your favorite song that the band played? Any particular moments you liked during the show? Leave your thoughts below!


  • Emily

    Ahh, wow, I can’t believe it’s over! I think it’s been a great tour, from what I’ve seen and heard. The stop I went to was fantabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and my fav part was probably the ending: the last song in the encore, Where Life Will Never Die, was amazing, high-energy and a great closer to a wonderful evening. I also liked when the sang The Struggle and the white backdrop fell to reveal the album cover all fit together very well.

    Oh, and Rend Collective’s song “Praise Like Fireworks” was awesome live. :)

  • Annah Z

    I’m so glad you asked us to share. I went to October 5th show in Holland Michigan I was so incredibly blessed that they were in MI on my Bday weekend! Oct 4th was my 22nd Birthday and I couldn’t have had a better Birthday!! The Q and A was very cool,I had never been to one. I would love to pass on Thanks to the crew it’s not all about the bands, The crew does an amazing job! The lights were Ahh-mazing (BEST EVER)!!! Cameron (girl cam) was very sweet I got to talk to her for a few and she even gave me a bracelet as a b-day gift! I love the local church venue its cozy and feels a bit more personal. Who can’t help but love Mike, hes so funny and personal even in a room of hundreds of people. I love the fact that they cared enough to plan an acoustic set out in the crowd, it makes those not in the front row feel special too. Although I’m in Love with the new album and songs my favorite part was “Times” and “By Your side”, I just stood there eyes closed and hands raised singing those songs in pure worship! (gives me goosebumps thinking about it) I know this tour has blessed a ton of people!!
    Tenth Ave Rocks for God!! I love Audrey and Rend too such great peeps!!