Exclusive Interview with Keith Tutt II (iTunes Sessions Cellist)

Tenth Avenue North’s new #1 album (number one! number one?!), iTunes Sessions, contained some fantastic acoustic tunes. One of my favorite parts of this EP was the cello accompanying it. We interviewed Keith Tutt II, cellist of the EP, on his experiences recording. Check it!:

Alex: How did you get involved with Tenth Avenue North?

Keith: Well, i met Mike in Florida back in June at an event i was playing with Jon Foreman. We ended up talking for a while and exchanging information. A month or so later he contacted me and asked if i’d be apart of this session.

Alex: What is your FAVORITE Tenth Avenue North song?

Keith: That a tough one. To be totally honest i wasn’t that familiar with a lot of their songs. I’d hear “More” on the radio from time to time… aside from that i can’t say i knew anymore of their catalog. BUT, once i met Mike i started doing some research and wow, they have some REALLY good tunes. The two i was immediately drawn to were “Worn” and “Times”..wow, sooo good.

Alex: Which songs did you contribute to?

Keith: haha, I think all of them. I actually can’t remember. We cut 6 i believe.

Alex: How long have you been playing cello? How did you get started?

Keith: I’ve been playing since i was about 3 1/2. My parents before my sister and i were born made up their mind that we’d be involved in music. We could pick whatever instrument we wanted but had to stick with it until we graduated from high school. I dont think i actually knew what the cello was, but walking out of a concert one night i clearly remember asking..no, telling my parents i wanted to play cello. A few months later they found me a teacher.

Alex: What was the process like for recording? Did you write the cello parts on your own or with the band? If you wrote with the band, was the music composed the same day you recorded?

Keith: The process was pretty free. I received the songs earlier in the week. Listened to them for about a day, got an idea of what i wanted to play .. and went to the studio. Where i promptly scratched about 87% of my ideas, and went with what i was feeling that day. haha.

Alex: Thanks so much for your time, Keith!

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