BREAKING: iTunes Sessions Acoustic EP Released

Last Summer, the band & crew took a trip down to LA to record an acoustic EP at Capitol Records. The entire project was recorded live in a short period of time, and soon was off to be finished and mixed.¬†Since then, word has been quiet on the EP – information regarding the release or date was kept firmly secret due to iTunes rules. But now, we can finally bring to light the release – and guys, it’s SO good.

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iTunes Sessions


  1. You Are More (Acoustic)
  2. Hold My Heart (Acoustic)
  3. Stand by Me (Acoustic)
  4. Worn (Acoustic)
  5. By Your Side (Acoustic)
  6. Times (Acoustic)

Check out the band’s front page feature on the iTunes Christian homepage:


Here’s what we need from YOU today:

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What are your thoughts on the EP? Songs you like? Opinions? Share your ideas – go!

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