“Worn” Shoots Up Billboard Charts; Request The Single; Song Story

“Worn” officially launched to radio stations on January 4th, and results are in from the song’s first week on the charts. To give you some background, “Losing” debuted at #19 on the Billboard Christian chart in its first week last May – guys, “Worn” is going to be a HIT. Take a look at how it’s doing:

Billboard Christian AC – Featured on “most added” list with 7 new monitored station adds and 8 on Indicator

Billboard Christian CHR – Featured on “most added” list with 7 new monitored station adds

Billboard Christian – #26 on the chart with 532 song plays (+358 from last week).

We’ve put together a request page for the single HERE. The page contains a list of radio stations across the country currently playing the song – click on a station and find their email or studio line. Politely ask them to play “Worn”, but make sure not to overdo it – “spamming” radio stations over and over again with requests may actually work against us! See if you can request a few times a week.

Lastly, the label has released audio commentary for “Worn” from Mike – this is used mainly before the song plays on various radio stations. Take a listen behind the song:

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