Happy Birthday, Tenth Avenue Nation!

Today is our 1 year anniversary! (Can’t believe the site’s already been going for a YEAR!)

1 year ago to this date, the ribbon was cut on the site and Tenth Avenue Nation opened for business! It’s been an amazing year full of new faces, new friends, great discussions, and general TAN commentary. A big thank-you for the support and encouragement from the TAN guys & management team, and all of you fans – for keeping up with the site and supporting it over the past year! Couldn’t have done it without you.

Remember the site when it first opened? Heheh!

So, with that said, I’d love for you guys to join in for some fun site-themed polls! This helps to better improve the site and get feedback on what YOU think.

How many times a week do you visit Tenth Avenue Nation?

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What section of the site is your favorite?

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In addition, feel free to leave feedback about the site in the comments – for example, how can the site improve in the future, and if you could add one page/section to the site, what would it be?

Here’s to year 1, and many more to come!


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