UPDATES: Living Alive Devotional by Mike Donehey & Rob Murray

Many of you have been asking about the book that Mike has been tweeting about this week – the Living Alive devotional is a 28-day project that he co-wrote with Rob Murray. Right now, the pair is putting the final touches on and sending out some test copies to their friends and family, but you can reserve your place in line to grab a copy and sign up for updates by visiting livingalivebook.comThe current expected release date is near July or August 2013.

You may be living…
but are you living alive?

Living Alive is a pocket-sized 28 day reflect-to-action devotional that’s going to challenge you to listen to what Jesus said in his sermon on the mount & then to go beyond what’s comfortable to intentionally live them out.  It’s going to get crazy!

The Rules are Simple: 
1. Do this with a group or at least one other!
2. Commit to finishing it together!
3. Go BIG with each days challenge!

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