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There’s a child where an empty crib used to lay.
One week ago today,
Another soul found it’s home on the earth.
One week ago today,
another heart-beating, oxygen-breathing
image of God came up for air.

June in October.

My wife and I had our third girl this past Monday.
Well, she had the baby.  I just caught her.

June Marie.

7 pounds and 1 ounce of the weight of glory.
Born at home, on her great-grandmother’s birthday.
The doctors told us she was going to be a mis-carriage,
but now, she’s our miracle baby.
October 7th will never be the same.

Now I should mention, the night before June was born,
my sweet wife and I set apart a night out for a bit of spiritual and emotional renewal.

We went to the movies.

We hadn’t been to the movies in what seemed like forever,
and knew with the new addition there wouldn’t be another opportunity in quite a while, so we settled upon a family friendly heart warming tale called, “Prisoners.” You know, the one where Hugh Jackman plays a father whose little girl is abducted?

Yeah, worst idea ever.

I’ll spare you the details, but as you can imagine, this story is every parent’s nightmare. I can’t say for certain, but the anxiety induced from the plot might have been what induced Kelly’s labor.  I guess you could say, I wouldn’t “recommend” the film per say, but amidst the horror, there was a line in the film that I knew would change the way I lived my life.

I was floored.

The quote goes something like,
“It’s the war we wage on God. When we take children, it turns parents into demons.”
Like I said, it wasn’t what one would call a “date night,” kind of a film, but the quote stuck with me.

I mean, stuck.

For hours, days, even through one of the most significant moments of my life, I’m still thinking about it.

Evil wants to turn me into a demon.

You see, with each of my last two daughters, I really struggled with all the evil waiting for them. When they woke to this world at war, how would they ever make it out alive? I understood why some couples never have children.  Why bring a human into existence when we all experience so much hurt? Why allow yourself the possibility of loving something that much, when it could just be ripped away?

A million reasons to not have a baby.

“It turns parents into demons…”

And that’s just it.
Thinking that way, I gave evil exactly what it wants;
to turn me into itself.

A new thought occurred.

What if I was not overcome by evil, but overcame evil with good?
What if there was one who did not revile in return but prayed,
“Forgive them Father, they know not what they do?”
What if all the justice for all the horrors of all the evil was poured out on Calgary?
What if I’ve been freed to be a child of grace?
What if when I’m wronged, I poured into all the empty places?
What if I’m here to reweave the fabric where it’s worn through?
What if redemption is a river, running underneath every single one of my fears?

I used to be worried about all the evil that could befall my children. Now I’m amazed at the possibility of all the good they might bring into the world.

And so it is.
That’s my prayer for baby June.
I pray she’d make the world better, everywhere she goes.
I pray she’d bring light to the dark places.
I pray she’d advance the kingdom,
she would bring reconciliation,
she would overcome evil with good.
And really, it’s my pray for me, for you, for all of us.

every breath in our lungs is another chance to fight against the night.

“How sweet to hold a newborn baby,
And feel the pride and joy he gives;
But greater still the calm assurance:
This child can face uncertain days because He Lives! 

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives!”
-Bill & Gloria Gaither

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