New Tenth AveNews; New Blog Post; Winter Jam Kickoff

The west coast Winter Jam tour with Tenth Avenue North and a dozen other Christian artists kicks off TONIGHT in Ontario, CA. The week leading up to the tour was jam-packed with news and surprises for the upcoming months:

First off, Mike wrote a new blog post titled “Beginning of Tour and the End of Ego”, which you can read on his official blog HERE or below:

The Winter Jam Tour starts today.

Which means:

Arenas full of people.
Hallways of humans.
Lasers, lights, and blast beat induced hysteria.

To be honest, at the beginning of such things, I find myself apprehensive. Not nervous per say, but cautious.
I wrestle.

As an artist, there are pitfalls awaiting me around every corner.

Things like falling for the trap of comparison instead of focusing on celebrating others.
Things like drinking in the drug of applause and the dismissal of service.
Things like embracing entertainment over speaking truth.
Things like money, power, and the ambition for success 
that might be the greatest threat to the kingdom of God today.

But Mike, it’s a “Christian” tour.
It’s “Christian” music!

Well, not really.

A Christian is a noun, not an adjective.

And last I checked, 
Christians are redeemed sinners, not always perfect followers.  
So, I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that I’m resistant to such things.  
I have to constantly and consistently drink in the presence of God. 
I need the love that He has lavished on me to be my fuel, 
the glory of God, my ignition,
His kingdom, my aim.

Anything less and all I’ll be doing on that stage is leading people to me.
And Lord knows people don’t need another rock star.

You see, I’ve been staring at Jesus lately and realizing 
as ministry gets bigger, it needs to get smaller.
Yes, He spoke to thousands.
He fed the crowds.
But He also fled away to His Father on the mountainside.
He evangelized the multitudes, but He pastored 12.


Doesn’t quite sound like a thriving ministry by today’s standards does it?

But that’s just it.
The wastefulness of grace will not be undermined.
If we’re not willing to serve the one, to embrace the least,
to throw away our precious time 
on someone who can’t possibly pay us back,
we ought not ever take the platform in front of thousands.

Or as I’ve said before,
if we don’t want to hold a toilet brush, 
we got no business holding a microphone.

if you’re reading this,
let’s stay accountable.
Let’s remind ourselves that we are here to be a gift.
And sometimes the only way to do that 
is to look for ways to become small.
For me, it’s going to look like stealing away to play a couple songs for a handful of people. 
It will look like coffee with strangers and talking about what matters. 
It will be taking time this tour to look into someone’s eyes. 
“Fans”  security guards, fellow artists…
Last I checked we all bear the image of God, regardless of title.
If only we have eyes to see it. 

I’m tired of taking.
I’m tired of chasing what was never meant to be mine.
Glory belongs to our God.
He alone is worthy.

See you on the road.

“We can do no great things, just small things, with great love.”
-Mother Teresa

The latest issue of Tenth AveNews should’ve arrived in your inbox earlier today – if you happened to miss it, click HERE to read the whole post for updates on Winter Jam, a teaser on “Redemption Wins”, and other surprises.

To help survive the long winter months of cold weather during TAN shows, the band is launching the traveling Tenth Ave Bike Cafe – keep an eye out for the cart at shows to grab a hot beverage in a special TAN mug! Follow the mobile cafe at @TenthBikeCafe on twitter for updates.

Don’t forget! Living Alive, the 28-day devotional written by Mike and Rob Murray, launches this Monday – they’re going fast, so if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, be sure to order yours by clicking HERE.

Lastly, check out for the latest updates straight from the Winter Jam Tour. If you’re going, tag your posts #TanJam to stream your tweets to the website and join a feed of updates. We’re always looking for fan reporters at Tenth Avenue Nation, and would love to see your photos, videos, set-lists, and reviews from the tour – email us at Thanks!


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