1 Day to CATHEDRALS; Release Party at 11 EST; Find a Golden Ticket

This is it – In just a few hours, CATHEDRALS will be released to the public and out in its entirety! If you’ve been following along with Song-A-Day, you should have heard every song besides the short “Iesu, Dulcis Memoria”. There’s still time to stream the title track, “Cathedrals” – check that out HERE.



Tonight at approximately 11 PM EST, the band is hosting a “Camp Out to Cathedrals” release party over on YouTube HERE¬†where we’ll be counting down the minutes to the release of the record.

And in preparation of release day, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Cathedrals when talking about the album. Let’s get it trending! 2012’s release The Struggle opened at #1 on both US Billboard Christian and US Billboard Rock charts, and peaked at #9 on the Billboard 200. Spread the word and let’s top these ranks!

We’ve also been hearing reports that pre-orders of physical copies from Amazon are coming in today, so keep an eye out for that.

Tenth Ave is hiding 5 golden tickets in deluxe versions of Cathedrals from WalMart, Family Christian, and Lifeway starting Monday. Find a ticket and win a day out on the road with the band! Mike explains all:

See you tonight!


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