Full Name: Jeffrey Thomas Owen
Born in: Anderson, Indiana
Born on: June 28, 1983
Position: Guitar/BGV

Fun Facts

Jeff Owen, lead guitarist for Tenth Avenue North, was born in Anderson, Indiana to parents Sungcha and Tom Owen on June 28, 1983. Growing up with his brother, Robbie, Jeff and his family attended the East Side Church of God throughout his childhood. He was still in high school when the basis of Tenth Avenue North, then called Fraggle Rock, was formed. After graduating from Highland High School in 2001, Owen attended local college at Anderson University. In 2004, he moved down to Florida to extend his education. While volunteering at a church called Christ Fellowship, (where Tenth Avenue North was currently playing), and working a side job at Starbucks, Jeff was approached by the lead singer of the band, Mike Donehey, and asked if he would like to join them. He had filled in for Tenth Avenue North on bass during a previous summer, so he was eager to accept the offer.

Two days later, Jeff received a call from singer Joy Williams offering a chance to tour along with her, and politely rejected the offer made by Tenth Avenue North. It wasn’t until the next year that Owen would claim his position as lead guitarist for the band. Jeff later met his wife, Heather, when she was working at their record label. When being asked if it was love at first sight, Jeff responds, “If you asked her, the answer is no. We were friends for a year, and I tried to date her, but she said no. I was bummed out and a couple of months later, I wasn’t going to take no as an answer. I came back on full force and she eventually caved.”

Jeff has since continued his work with Tenth Avenue North on lead guitar. He currently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Heather, and children, Simon and Penny.


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