Written by: Mike Donehey
Written on: Thursday, May 22, 2008


More white lines.
More pavement.
More stages to set and sets to play.

We’re back on the road again today after a
frenzied fit in Florida.
Orlando, West Palm, Jacksonville.
Hello, Goodbye. In that order.
Shows like these are the hardest because of all the beautiful friends that you only catch a glimpse of, wishing you had hours to spend with each one of them.

Especially hard this time around for me, because
of my recent marriage, and the strange absence of my wife.
She’s in Israel actually, on a tour with her family,
but it’s all the more painful when you have a hundred people
saying, “Congratulations on the marriage….where’s your wife?”

Well, I’m learning more than I thought,
knowing that my wife is with me in a way that I’ve never experienced,
though she may be halfway around the world.
The two shall become one flesh, and so she is with me more
than ever before, for she is me.
Pointing me to even greater realities,
“Christ in me, the hope of glory.”

And you know, even though I’m missing her something fierce,
the shows were still amazing, and the moments with friends
were brief but sweet nonetheless.
Amazing how much God has blessed us.
These songs, these friends, this message to proclaim….

“Religion says, I obey, therefore I am accepted by God.
The Gospel says, I am accepted by God because of what Jesus
Christ has done for me, therefore I obey….for joy.”
This is what we came to say. This is why we wrote these songs.
Obey because you’re already accepted, not because you’re trying to be so.
We’re not struggling to be free,
we are free to struggle.
“If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation….”
Oh, that we might know who we are.
Desperately more wicked than we’d ever admit,
and yet, at the same time, infinitely more loved and accepted
than we ever dared dream.
This is the gospel.
This is what we’re driving around this crazy country to proclaim.
Wifeless, restless, sleep-deprived and desperate,
but blessed beyond measure.

Don’t make yourself better today, just believe.
And if you can’t believe, ask for the grace to do so.
After all, we are only beggars here in the kingdom.
Beggars or pharisees always.
No self-made men allowed.

We’re stuck in traffic now.
“a plane in the sunset with nowhere to land,” (Jon Foreman)
Nowhere but grace.
But that will have do for now.