Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello, friends, fans, and family.
Last night Mike and I had the opportunity to hear the heart of some of our fellow christian music artists about the current rising global crisis.  To my surprise it’s not famine, it’s not AIDS, it’s not financial deficit either.

I know I’ve blogged about this before and sorry for repeating myself.  I realized during this conversation we had recently that I am in a band that has a platform (although modest in size) to speak and “fight the darkness.”

This growing crisis is human slavery.  It is said that there are now more slaves in the world today than in any point in history.  This slavery isn’t working in fields or factories.  Children are being sexually abused.  And this isn’t an intangible reality.  This is a virus of the most evil nature that manifests itself in India, China, Africa, and just a few months ago even in my own back yard of Nashville, TN.  A local motel was raided and 8 girls were rescued from a prison of a room filled with mattresses.

I could fill this page with statistics and heart breaking, disgusting stories, but I’d rather fill this page with hope.  There are facilities and institutions in place that are making a change.  They will not be quiet and they are shining their light where there is no light.  Please, educate yourself on this subject that not many know about.  The church is oblivious to this situation and we must not wait for the government to deal with it like the last time.  Slavery is real and it pays less in our generation.

I’m excited because we’re working with other artists to help fight this poison that has silently crept into the streets of our world.  Pray that those who are oppressed will be saved.

God will break the chains.  He will deliver.  Allow him to work in you to fight the darkness.