Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Tuesday, August 24, 2010


More often than not in life I find the catchy phrase: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” to be fallacious.  My wife and I recently explored a ride at a park (that will remain anonymous).  This ride was simply called Castle and just by the outside it was pretty revealing that it would be a big fat let down.  It was one of those haunted, sit in a cart on a track, bad spray paint and glow-in-the-dark color schemes that gave it away. When considering my pregnant wife, I asked the ride attendant if the ride was “jolty.”  He then replied “It will jolt your disappointment.”  Pondering this man’s hidden wisdom, we hopped on.  For some reason, there’s always hope that “maybe this ride will be different.”  Rarely is that true.

Regardless, we rode Castle.  It was awful.  Why were we not dissuaded by the presentation of the outside of this ride?  Why were we not scared off by the attendant’s dizzying maxim?  We were hopeful.  I suppose that’s the punch line.  Christian or non-Christian, most of us find ourselves hoping against the odds.  We’re hoping against the spelled-out-in-neon-spray paint words before us that this thing has a chance.  This is why we rent movies without knowing what it is and watch the whole thing before concluding that we wasted 2 hours of our life.  This is why we want the hero to boldly venture forth when the island is covered in mist and the odds are against him.  This is why we hang out with tax collectors and lepers.  This is why we hope to rise with Christ when the world tells us chance is at play.

Like I said at the beginning, more times than not the cover is most definitely a discription of the character of what’s inside the book.  By all means- use discernment before you rent that movie or walk into Castle.  But also, deny your fear and any plausible arguments that dissuade you from truth.