Written by: Jason Jamison
Written on: Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So it’s been a crazy turn of events recently in my life. As if having my first child isn’t crazy enough, I thought that leaving two weeks after she was born would make it even more interesting. Now this wasn’t a purposeful move on my part, but by an unfortunate series of events for my friend Ian I was called back out on the road. Man – that was tough. I was gone for 10 days, but am now back at home for two. So I am cherishing this time.

I did learn a thing or two when I was on the road for the past ten days. One, a man can only eat so many peanuts and pretzels on a plane and some how you never get filled up. But two, that I must make the most of my time when I am away from my family. We had the privilege of doing one show this past week with a band called Casting Crowns… you might have heard of them before. Anyway, they were examples of this exact point. How? Well let me just say that their ministry didn’t start when they got on stage and it didn’t end when they left. Rather from the time they got off their bus to the time the left the show they were ministering. I mean, they sincerely cared about how we were doing. They didn’t act “holier than thou,” but actually wanted to talk. See how we were doing. See how they can pray for us. I mean this is the big CASTING CROWNS and they wanted to know how I was doing. Do they really have time for that? Well it seems that they do, or at least they make the time. This is how I want to be perceived. My friend Brian once gave me some advice about being a father who travels frequently. He said, “If you have to leave your family you better make sure that you are functioning at 110% when you are gone… or else you are wasting your time. And when you come home you are giving 110% or your energy to your family.” This may not seem so mind blowing to you, but it is amazing advice. How often do I leave my family, go to a show, enjoy catering, hang out in the green room, act like I don’t need to talk to you, get my Starbucks, jump in the van, and leave to the next show. That is a waste of my time and I am certainly not honoring God or my family. It was encouraging seeing my friends in Casting Crowns really come to a show to minister to me, the crew, the cooks, their fellow band mates, and also the audience. That is the type of ministry that I want. John the Baptist once wrote that “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). May this be the case for me. While I am away I need to decrease and Christ must increase… thus allowing me to minister and love my neighbor more. And while I am at home I must decrease and Christ must increase… thus allowing me to minister and love my family more.