Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Dearest members of the female race,

My loving wife Heather has been in prayer over the past few months about a ministry opportunity that was pressing upon her heart.  She recently felt the Lord’s confirmation and has launched a blog entitled: “A Girl Like Me.”

This blog is simply an open journal of her struggles, fears, and prayers as a young woman- and also her experience as a teenager.  We hear so many stories, and confessions from young girls that we encounter as a band, and as a member of this band, sometimes I’m unsure of how to tackle these issues.  It feels like sometimes there is a valley between the church and ourselves- as if bringing our true fears and identity to the front will yield scorning and humilitation.  My wife wants to help young girls realize they’re not alone, and the best way she new how was to just talk openly and see if anyone wants to listen.

I will say from first hand experience that Heather is the most candid and forthright person I know, so I feel quite comfortable (and quite frightened) that she’ll instantly be a place of trust for anyone who feels apprehensive about sharing anything.  Heather has a colorful personality, and a story to tell.  I pray that this little blog may help girls feel the warmth of the Lord shining on them, telling them that they’re not alone.

Here’s the website: