Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have been influenced by Scott.
Scott listed his current influences.
Because I am influenced by Scott, I will share my influences too.

Darwin’s Black Box by Michael J. Behe
Halfway done with this book and I am already convinced that Darwinian theory is totally wack-attack. Behe takes a micro and biochemical approach to challenge the Darwinist standpoint in evolution…. in which you’ll find out is no standpoint in most cases. Evolutionists have very little explanation or reason for how irrefutably complex systems like animal cells, the human eye, and the bombardier beetle’s defense mechanism came to be.

Silverchair: Live From Far Away Stables
One of my favorite bands rocking it Live style.

My most favorite show of all time. the X-files is a very close second. This show has really opened my eyes to the complexity and dimensions of the human imagination. What these writers and producers create (by keeping all previous and future episodes in mind) with this show is fantastic. I can’t help but think about how God’s hand weaves in and out of time and space in our lives and ties our stories together. It’s crazy. Crazy enough to keep me watching season after season.

This band is from CA. A great example of a couple husbands and wives in a band. Their songs are wonderfully constructed and there’s great tones for the audiophile. The lead singer’s voice might sound familiar to you too…

One of my most cherished bands of all time. Funny phrase: “of all time.” What does that mean? I’ll rephrase that and say “that I have enjoyed for many years.”
This band of brothers and sisters can sing me to sleep any time they want. I like to put them on when I’m feeling imaginative or creative.

the Myriad
A form of music I can relate to. What Jeff’s brain sounds like when he’s dreaming.