Written by: Mike Donehey
Written on:  Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hey friends.

It’s Mike again, writing to you from a desolate stretch of highway
somewhere in west Texas. Lots of tumbleweeds, lots of “dips and canyon-things”
as Jason just said, lots of energy windmills and armadillos…I think you get the picture.

And we’re driving down this road to yet another show and I started thinking about
blogging and writing and making using of my time inside of rusty reliable
Rawhide (that’s the name of our van) and I think I had a bit of an epiphany.

You see, I’ve really been wanting to write a book for some time,
and have even had some people leave comments commending me to do so,
so I think I’m going to just start a bit of a book here on the old blog.

I’m thinking about some sort of devotional book, not because
the world needs another devotional book, but because it helps me understand
the things I say I believe. And I also thought it’d be nice to let each of the songs
on our album serve as the chapter titles, and just sort of write a book based on
the collection of songs from Over and Underneath.

And, as I go to put it together, I figured I could just
put up each little chapter as an individual blog. What do you think?

It could be totally disastrous, or…well, maybe not, right?
So, here goes nothing. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for a 12 part
devotional series starting with the title, “Over and Underneath.”

Hope you like it.