Written by: Mike Donehey
Written on:  Monday, February 28, 2008


There are, I believe, moments in one’s life,
Moments that have been waiting for you since the beginning of time itself.
Moments that cannot be explained
or manufactured
or predicted.
Moments that cannot be forced
or contrived
or figured out.
There are moments that bring you back, steal your breath, make you dream.

There are these moments.

Moments that barrel down on you like a freight train,
seize you like a lover’s glance,
hold you helpless in the roaring silence.

These moments remind us as that we’re still alive.
They remind us why we love and long and long to be loved.
Why we give and shout and reflect like water.
Why we hope.
Why we wonder.
They tell us why we wait and watch the maker’s work in the world.

Grace in motion. Windows into everlasting. Fall in summer. Love in war.
Moments like these give us gifts and glimpses,
and we do well to latch onto them as they go screeching by,
crashing to our chaos.

This morning was one of those moments for me.
The God who created me,
gently gripping me in his hand,
speaking silently and coming down
in breeze
and breath
and bitter kiss upon my cheek.
It was what I knew I needed,
and what I always hope for.

I just have to ask though, why must moments like these be so few and far between?