Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Two days deep into recording our new record.
Now i know that the Dove awards just happened and we’re still so pumped about it, and “Hold My Heart” is being added to radio stations across the country, but as musicians I know we’re pretty excited about crafting our next record.
We’re off to a great start, and we couldn’t be more excited about whats in store and what God has given to us.  May we be most excited for the work that Christ is doing through our music.

A quick catch-me-up in the past few months:
The Rock and Worship Roadshow was a complete success.  Thank you to EVERYONE who came.  Wow.  What an adventure.  We met so many wonderful new friends and there was just so much support from everyone who attended and the bands and crew we traveled with.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

We won “Best New Artist” at the Dove awards.  Thank you for everyone who took time to vote for us, and for believing in us.  What an honor.

Now the following is strictly for pure documentation purposes and to see just how crazy it all looks when it’s actually written down.  It’s out of left field and has nothing to do with the aforementioned events.

On Feb 22nd-Mike developed a sickness  in Florida with a cough, flem and ache.   Jason’s wife Melissa came out to Islamorada with us with bronchitis, but it wasn’t too bad.  We think Mike’s sickness and Melissa’s weren’t related.

12 hours in a van to Hilton Head, SC with Mike and Melissa coughing, Jason and Melissa’s 5 month old baby Riley began coughing and snotting at the nose.  Later that night after load in, myself (Jeff) had pain swallowing.
The next morning, Scott and Jeff developed the snot and cough with an ache and Jason wasn’t feeling too good either.   We realize that Gizmo the band dog has an ear infection and is irritable.

Three days later baby Riley has crazy snot and is coughing like a champ.  Scott and Jeff are in shambles, and Mike and Melissa are only slowly recovering.  We play two shows in Jacksonville, drive down to play in Delray, then back up to Jacksonville in 24 hrs.

We go to Georgia, a week goes by, everyone slowly recovers.
Next week, Mike’s wife Kelly comes back out with a gnarly cough all the way to South Dakota.  The cough continues as we start our tour for two days then my wife Heather catches the cough and they make a pit stop for a few days to recover in Idaho with a friend.
We get the girls then continue to Oregon.  Kelly flies home to recover.  Two days later I wake up in the middle of the night puking my guts out.  We go to Disneyland.  I did not have a good time.  By the end of the night I recover.

Two days later in the van on the way to Las Vegas we awaken to Scott hurling in the back seat of the van.  Same illness that I had, 2 or 3 pukes with a bad ache then a quick recovery by the next morning.

Two days later Mike wakes up ralphing.  Same thing.  Sick all day then fine in the morning.

Two days later Kelly wakes up vomiting.  Same thing.

One day later- Jason.
One week later- Tim.

We’ve since recovered and everyone is fine.  Gizmo’s ear is healthy and everyone has a stronger immune system since the “Great sickness of ‘09.”
Don’t take long trips in a van with other people.