Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Monday, June 9, 2008


Two days ago we had the opportunity to play at the Six Flags in New Jersey.
Let me say, fun times.
I discovered my new favorite roller coaster – the best darned wooden track I’ve ever been a part of. EL TORRO.

There at the Six Flags I took part in history by riding “Kinda Ka” – the world’s tallest and fastest coaster.
Looming over the entire park, it’s a tribute to the highest of heights that man can achieve in the name of “a good time.”
This sucker goes from 0 to 128mph in 3.5 seconds, it’s 456 feet tall and the ride is so intense it only lasts 50.6 seconds.

All this to say, Kinda Ka was rearing it’s ugly face everywhere you looked.
Like the Eye of Sauron keeps watch over Middle-earth, Kinda Ka keeps watch over Six Flags.

As I was waiting in line to ride this beast of a machine I was walking in one direction with two other lanes of people going the opposite direction…you know how it works. Kind of like cattle being herded to be butchered. Anyway, as I was going back while everyone was going forth, I was able to see the look on many of the people’s faces. As the cart zoomed off next to us to soar up the tower I could see the observing faces follow it with their eyes. Some faces bore smiles and looks of anticipation, others were very stoic, some had a slight look of concern and fear in their eyes. I was quickly warped into the future when the Lord appears in the sky. Just as Kinda Ka’s enormity caused the attention and response of everyone in line, so God will have much more of an effect on the world when we all look to the sky on that day…

That’s all. I just had that thought.

It was pretty neat to see that. Neat-o.

Random fact for the day: If you live on the same hemisphere of the earth your whole life, you will only see the same face of the moon all your days on this planet.