Written by: Mike Donehey
Written on: Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok, ok…
maybe you’ve seen a human being stand on the nose of a killer whale
while being pushed at unimaginable speeds around a gigantic tank,
and then flown into the air as the whale jumps from the water,
and thunders down to magnificent wakes and the applause
of tens of thousands screaming tourists…but I never have.
And quite honestly, I it was pretty amazing.
Who would of thunk it.
Sea World=amazing.
We got to lead worship for thousands of people easter morning,
and once the sun had risen and the people had dispersed
we were blessed to walk among the thousands of marine life
that dwell in the world of the Sea.
Penguins marched, dolphins danced, stingrays ate from our hands…
Shamu dazzled in the noon day sun.
It was breath-taking.
Breath taking I tell you! Simply indescribable.
Sea World = amazing.
For the first time in my life, I felt like I could take my place among
the amphibious and the water-breathing, and be accepted for who I am.
Even though I can’t swim like them or move underwater like they can,
to my disbelief, they took me in like I was one of their own.
and I hope that one day, you can feel like I did.
-Mike D