Written by: Jeff Owen
Written on: Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi everyone.

In two weeks I am to be wed (to the most amazing, beautiful, God-fearing woman- not a robot, alien, or other-worldly creature). As most of you know, marriage is quite a scary, but beautiful thing. I’ve heard it put once that it’s the “closest you’ll ever be to hell, and also the closest you’ll ever be to heaven.” If you are in Christ Jesus, it’s a glimpse of where you will go- and never go.

I encourage you all to investigate what God has written about marriage. Indeed, it’s scary. I mean, I’m a sinner, and I’m teaming up with another sinner for a commitment that reaches far beyond paying a monthly bill, keeping up with the yard, even a promise to your mother.  It’s much more than “staying” in the relationship. It’s reaching down deep to choose love and break yourself down to build and integrate together. This thing is for life my friends. I don’t fully understand it and I don’t think I ever will, but boy am I excited to forgive my wife, love my wife, and to argue and learn with my wife. Which reminds me, I’ve learned that arguments, confrontations, and disagreements are a good thing. Chew on that one.

God loves marriage. A concept rarely meditated on.

au revior!