Written by: Mike Donehey
Written on: Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey friends.
So…we’re sitting in the San Diego airport and biting our nails for our upcoming connection.
We’re flying to Las Vegas in what will hopefully be the next few minutes and there
we have exactly 50 minutes to deboard, gather our luggage from the claim,
check in with a new airline, and be at our plane.
Impossible you say?
Yes!!! Actually it just might be.

But you know, we’re crazy like that.
We don’t even care.
That’s the way we roll.
But if you do happen to read this,
give us a little prayer would you?
It’s gonna take something supernatural.

We’re flying southwest, to Las Vegas, and then onto US Airways.
We’re getting in to Seattle around 2:30 I think?
That’s am kids. 2:30 A.M.
And then we drive a few hours to make it to our Creation West sound check
by 8. No problem.

But I would like to point out something that struck me on our last Southwest flight
while I’m thinking about it. Have you ever flown this airline?
I happen to like them for the most part, except for that one little thing
that makes Southwest unique in the transportation world.
No assigned seats.
Have you experienced this?
Yeah, all you get is a pole position before you board.
They line you up like Nascar and then it’s a fight to the finish
to see who gets to sit with who.
And you know, it’s especially fun now that I’m married.
Frantically looking around the plane for two seats next to each other.
And that’s if you’re lucky.
God help you if you’re in the C group.
You’ll get on that plane and all you’ll see is middle aisle up and down.
Three seats to the left, three on the right, and only one open all the way down.
The middle.
And it really got me thinking last time and again tonight.
The human condition.
Interesting that people naturally take the best seats first.
Aisle and window, first come first serve.
Best for first and worst for last, but still I hear em moaning that humans are naturally good.
Naturally good? I don’t know what airline you’re riding sister, but you’ve never ridden
Southwest that’s for sure.
If you had, you’d see.
People are selfish and that’s the cold sad truth.
If they weren’t, people would sit in the back of the plane first.
They’d fill up each row completely before moving on.
They’d kindly say, “why don’t you sit with your wife? I’ll move right on over!”
And there is a bit of that now. Flashes, moments of beauty, of kindness, of a world that’s coming.
Yeah, moments of the kingdom showing itself right here in the San Diego airport.

One day, we’ll live in a world where the plane fills up in the back first.
Where the first are last, and the last our first.
Where the greatest is our slave.
Hmmm, I can’t wait for that kind of travel system.
I can’t wait for that kingdom.
God, help us bring it now.