Written by: Jason Jamison
Written on: Sunday, May 18, 2008


The time has come, folks. The day is finally here. We are hitting the pavement with new music in hand. Well, not physically hitting pavement because that would hurt and be detrimental to our heath. A musician with crippled fingers is no musician at all… at least it makes it very difficult, but you know what I mean.

What does “hitting the streets” look like? I’m glad you asked. Looks like 5 guys in a van, driving absurd amounts of hours, drinking lots of coffee, screaming, laughing, sleeping, and leaving an odor in the van we respectfully call “the funk.” Your next question might be why on earth do we do this? Our answer: We believe that God has given us music to share with you. Music rooted in truth and the wrestle we often experience to believe that truth. Not music to just make you happy and get you through the day, but rather music that is honest. Music that we can’t keep to ourselves. Music that must be shared, proclaimed, taken to the streets. So that is what we are doing. Our prayer is that God will use this music in your life however He sees fit. With that said, come and worship with us at one of our shows or at least come and hear what we have to say. We would love your company.

-Tenth Ave