Written by: Mike Donehey
Written on: Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hey Friends,

Mike here, cruising down the freedom road.
It’s almost noon, and we’re almost to Dallas
and I’m almost going to eat my hand off
because I’m so hungry.
We left Kansas at 4:30 this morning,
and won’t be getting into Murbank TX til
about 1:30. At least, that’s what the GPS
is telling us. So far, I’ve been enjoying handfuls
of cinnamon life cereal, and I’ve had a wonderful five hour
sleepy time on the floor of the van,
on my wonderful, self-constructed nesting place
wedged just between the front bench and the driver’s seat.
It’s amazing what you can do with a camping air mattress
and a comforter!

Praise the Lord, we got to see Dr. J the
chiropractor last night. Feeling good!
Oh, the freedom road. So sweet.