Written by: Jason Jamison
Written on: Friday, June 13, 2008


OK, so I have recently heard of something that quite possible change my life forever. Now I must warn you the common response to what I am about to tell you is sarcasm and skepticism, but I feel that I must take the chance. With that said. Water. That’s it. Two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule. The potential that lies within this substance is amazing. Think if we could only separate the molecules and take the hydrogen and use it for power. Seems to make sense to me if we could do it – right. I mean water is all over the place. Even in the dessert with a little help from my survival handbook we can find water.

All this to say, I heard about a water-powered car the other day. In fact, you can also buy kits to make a water powered hybrid. I am not sure if it works but I am pretty convinced. My brother is going to experiment with his lawn mower, so if he gets it working I’ll let you know. In the mean time go to youtube and search “water torch.” I am warning you, you might spend hours researching. Just think about the possibilities. No more high gas prices, just fill up with your hose. No more destroying the ozone, just mist as byproduct. No more running out of gas, just wait for it to rain. The possibilities are endless.