A collection of quotes from Brendon.

Quotes on Faith

Sometimes I question my motives when I am in the word. Am I just getting this to throw at other people, or am I digesting it and sharing it out of an overflow of my heart? Sometimes I just want to know the right answers, or know things to impress others, instead of just eating and seeing that the Lord is good and then sharing it out of a personal experience. That’s definitely something that I am always aware of.

Source: Risen Magazine

Quotes on Music

(giving advice to children aspiring to be musicians)

find something else you like and do that.

Source: Meet Brendon Video

You just have to humble yourself and go back to the heart of worship.

Source: Risen Magazine

Funny Quotes

“Anybody can make chocolate cake, but to MAKE chocolate cake, you have to know the ingredients and how to bake it. Think about that.”

Source: Meet Brendon Video

Misc Quotes