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Quotes on Faith

Because that’s our focus – that has to be our focus – to point people to Christ.

Source: Life 96.5 Interview

I think that when we look at that idea of this world not being our home, it’s much easier to endure what may seem like troubles, or hardships, or madness, or chaos. If we can fix our eyes on a future hope and a future glory, ultimately, this is not our home. That God has a better place for us. He’s making us a city, and we’re fixing our eyes there. It’s much easier for us to then go through the stuff here on earth that maybe we don’t have answers to, that maybe we don’t understand. The things that we struggle with on a day-to-day basis. So, I think it all kind of intermingles, but that’s the hope that we have. That’s the hope that we have to hold on to, to see us through so often. It just feels like it’s going to be the end of us.

Source: Lifeway Interview

Quotes on Music

I hope that we’re not the next big thing, but just continue to point people to the biggest thing – Jesus.

Source: Interview with CBN Music

(On “Times”)

Part of this song is written from God’s perspective.  At your lowest point, God just says, ‘I’m there. I’m here.’  Just being able to run to Him at any given moment.  I think it is a favorite for all of us, or at least one of our favorites.  It just speaks pretty sharply to your heart and the human condition.  Often times we run away instead of running to God.

(On what he wants people to take away from TAN’s music)

I’m not trying to say we have some magic button and if you push it people will come and meet Jesus.  Seriously, I hope people are encouraged and are given hope.  I hope some people are convicted and broken.  At the same time I hope people are healed and mended.  We can’t do it.  We will be the first people to tell you we can’t do it.  We beg God that He would do some cool stuff through our music.  We just want God would use us by using these songs to touch people’s hearts.  That is my desire – that they would leave with Christ.

Source: Unknown

It’s not actually playing the show, but it’s more about after the show when we’re meeting people.  And to have someone come up to us in tears just saying, ‘You don’t know how perfect the timing was when your record came into my hands.  My husband left me and I was left with all of these problems.  God used your record to pull me through some tough times.’  When you hear some of those types of stories and you realize, ‘I had no idea when we were making this record that God would be able to use it.’  Yes, He can use whatever, but that He would choose to use something as trite as a three minute song to bring people through some of the toughest times of their lives.  To me, every night on tour we get one or two of these situations that just make me just take a step back realize it’s just beyond us.

Funny Quotes

(On touring in South Dakota)

Oh yeah, I’m excited man. You know, I did a report on South Dakota in Middle School…so it’ll be interesting to step onto the land I’ve researched so much!

Source: Life 96.5 Interview

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