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Quotes on Faith

“I think the primary message is that you don’t need this band. We’re up there and we’re playing music and there’s lights, a fog machine, and a loud sound system, but the message is that you don’t need us. Your identity is not in who you are, it’s not in who we are. It’s in what Christ has done for you. Who you are is dependent on Christ. You just have to accept what He did.”

Source: Interview with The Herald Bulletin

Our fear of the homosexual community will keep them out of the gates of heaven long before their homosexuality will.

Source: “Engaged” Journal Entry

Wherever you end up- serve. Whatever you enjoy doing- serve. Go and make disciples. They will know we are Christians by our love- not our trade.

Source: Formspring

(On the meaning behind “Don’t Stop the Madness”)

Because, I guess, so many people will expect God to work in certain ways, and when things aren’t going well, they’re like, “It’s not in God’s will and something’s wrong with your faith, and you need to try harder, and do this and do that, and God will bless you.” But sometimes, how do you explain when a strong believer gets cancer, you know? Or when someone in your congregation’s faith goes through a trial? I mean, look at Job, it’s all over that God works to His glory. Although we may not understand those things, the point is that we have an alternate ending in Christ.

Source: Jesus Freak Hideout Interview

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(On his mother)

Sungcha is a first class women. I often think of my mom as a pillar of conservation Republican truth. She was the kind of mother that drove you absolutely insane while being the most endearing, caring, loving woman in your life. There was a lesson around every corner, but also a smile with every hug. When I was a child there was no doubt in my mind she loved me even though I never got what I wanted and I couldn’t watch the Super Mario Brothers movie when it came out in ’93 because she thought it was “too violent.” Regardless, mom has a heart as big as a whale, and a love that burns fierce as a lioness. I think I turned out OK. I mean, I never caught on to the whole bed making thing, or picking up after myself, but both of those lessons were only secondary to seeking the Lord and striving to be my best in her eyes. Here’s to you, Sungcha, mother of my heart. You’re the best and I love you.

Source: Air 1 Radio