A collection of quotes from Mike Donehey.

Quotes on Faith

Christianity is not about how much faith you have, but about who your faith is in.

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“The reason we should want to do better shouldn’t be so that we can be accepted by God, but that we already are accepted by God.”

Source: The House Party Interview

Religion says “Obey, and then you’ll be accepted”, but the gospel says “You’ve already been accepted, and that’s why you should obey.”

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(On writing “Love is Here”) We were just sorta like “man, God, where are you?” And I think we were all kinda thinking that sometimes, as christians, we don’t help people understand that it’s okay to question God. I grew up in a Christian school, i’m still kinda recovering from that, ’cause I always was told that you just don’t question God. That’s something you don’t do. But if you read the scripture, you notice “Man! All sorts of guys are questioning God!” And there’s a wrong way to do it,  and there’s a right way to do it. Unexplainable stuff happens in life, and we’re not gonna have an answer for it. God doesn’t say “Hey, this is why this is happening”, but He does say “I’m with you.”

Source: The House Party Interview

“At the end of the day, i don’t believe that it’s our putting on the perfect festival, or our playing the perfect show, or our writing the perfect song that will change people’s lives…it’s the belief in a God that will redeem them. There’s something stronger at work here than karma…there’s something called mercy. It’s called grace. So there’s hope inside the fall, because redemption is running underneath it all, and it’s working all things together for good. Let’s make all this brokenness into something beautiful.”

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We’re all so bad that Jesus had to die for us and that humbles us, but at the same time we’re so loved that He was glad to die for us and He actually went lower than the lowest. He went higher than the highest and lower than the lowest bearing our sins on the cross, so that gives us great hope in our fears of whether or not we can be loved.

Source: Interview with New Release Tuesday

But the truth of it is when I screw up, I run away from God. And behind his words, it seems like when I fall it’s exactly when I should turn back to him and run to him, not away from him.

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If you’re doing really well and you feel like your life is awesome, Christ lived better than you.  He is perfect.  That should humble you out of your pride.  His love is over you, and at the very lowest depths of human failure, Christ went lower.  He went into hell itself and buried our sins on the Cross.  So that should give great hope to those who feel defeated.

Source: Interview with CBN Music

Oh, I wouldn’t view myself as a pastor as much as a disciple maker. Which is actually what we’re all called to. All of our calling, whatever our occupation is, we’re called to use that occupation to make disciples, I believe.

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When the reason you start praying is that you believe His presence is the most beautiful, precious thing in the world, and so you pray just to pray, not to pray so that He’ll give you this or that, that’s a major change in faith.

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So if you’re not loving Him well, you don’t need to try harder, you need to believe that He loves you more.

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You can’t live for God until you learn how to live because of God.

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If you’re not willing to hold a toilet brush, you have no business holding a microphone.

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And sometimes horrible things happen. But sometimes God uses the most horrible things to bring the most amount of beauty out. Sometimes God even uses death to bring life.  Sometimes redemption is hiding behind the ugliest and most horrific acts in human history. But if God can bring redemption out of even his own son’s death, then surely whatever you’re going through right now, maybe – just maybe – there’s redemption waiting there for you.

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…but as we run our hands along our scars, may we not feel bitterness, or self-pity, or guilt; may we feel redeemed.

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Quotes on Music

(On “You Are More”)

The whole point of the Gospel is you sinned. Jesus gets your punishment. You get His life. You get His forgiveness. It’s the exact opposite of, “The choices you make, make you who you are.” The choices He made for you, make you who you are. None of us earned being a new creation. I wrote “You Are More” out of that irritant. This has to be explained to people because I think we’re misleading them.

(On the band’s journey to the national stage)
Basically, we were playing at college worship services and youth groups. We were the house band for a youth group there and worked at a church there for several years. Then we just kept getting asked to play places and we just kept saying “yes” to the point where we were like, “Man, we could actually do this full time.” We didn’t have any hopes to be a band or be rock stars or even do this full time. So it’s very strange. We just kept walking through doors and before we knew it, we’d been full time independently. I slept on a lot of floors, but we were never trying to get signed or trying to break through as it were. It’s kind of weird when we get guys who are trying to break through that ask, “How did you do it?” And I’m like, “I don’t know! I wasn’t trying!” But I think the best advice I can give to someone who wants to break through as a band is to just bloom where you’re planted and serve the community that you’re in. If you’re not serving the community you’re in, then what makes you think you’d be of any service to these other communities?

(On “You Are More” winning many awards)

I mean, it’s cool when you hear about accolades and awards and stuff, especially a song like that, you’re not writing for the chart position. You’re writing to the person that’s hearing it. I got my award on that song a long time ago just from letters from people saying the song helped them see things clearly and helped changed their lives.

Source: Songfacts Interview

We are not musicians. We’re children of God who happen to play music.

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Funny Quotes

(On being called the “next big thing” in Christian Music) We will all be eating fried chicken every night.  We are all going to try to be really big.

Source: Interview with CBN Music

(On everyone agreeing on the title of their next album)

Well, I guess if I came in guns blazin’ and I said, “This is the way it’s gonna be,” I think maybe I could convince them….

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There’s a fine line between Terminator and Backstreet Boy.

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There’s two types of people in this world. Those that walk in and those that drive thru.

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(On his car crash in high school)

They had me on some serious drugs. I mean, Puff the Magic Dragon was my nurse.

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Misc Quotes

When we make a good thing the ultimate thing, that’s when it ruins everything.

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