Forgiveness.. what's next?

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    Soo you know that someone in your life hurts you and your family over and over again and is an inconsiderate jerk and never is sorry or whatever? So hard to forgive that person yes?

    My brother is like that and I could never understand why my parents alwayss took him back and just gave him the opportunity to hurt us again. He didn’t deserve it and he wasn’t trying to do better. I guess I never really understood grace.. well I understood how it applied between me and God, but him.. oooh no.
    Hahah.. It took years for me to forgive him. I still struggle with it a lot sometimes, but God has worked in my heart and I have a peace and now understand that forgiveness and grace aren’t just mine. Much thanks to TAN for constantly reminding me. 😉
    Funny story, at the Struggle tour (10-21-12) when they were singing Losing and I was all singing along, I was thinking about him because that song always made me think about him. Well, they came to that line “they don’t know what they’ve been doing” and I think to myself. But, he does. He has too! How could he not I mean it’s so obvious the pain he causes us! At that very moment, Mike randomly said “even though sometimes it seems like they do!” haha God really told me (;

    Well anyways, my main question is: I have gotten to the point of forgiveness… what now? Am I supposed to try to have a relationship with him now? Where do I go in this relationship? Like I said, he was never sorry at all and just kept doing it, so it’s really hard to want to be at all close with him. But then it’s heart breaking because he’s not a Christian. But he wouldn’t ever listen to me because he thinks he knows everything and I’m his baby sister, 14yrs younger.
    What is the next step after forgiveness? What does the bible say? What do you say?

    (I’m sorry for the freakishly long post.. I’m long-winded and am prone to ramble…;)

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    I know this type of thing is tough. I too have trouble learning to trust family again. I certainly do not have anything figured out, but I just try to pray that Christ would give me an open heart. My prayer everyday is that God will give me His love, so I can live loving others. I hope this encourages you =) Pray about it, read 1 Corinthians 13, and listen to Tenth Avenue North =)

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    Kelly Garcia

    Not sure if you’ll check this post again 😛 LOL
    But one time (also at a TAN concert) Mike said that forgiveness is accepting the pain from the blow they give. Someone has to accept the pain, and if we want to be like Christ, that’s exactly what we must do. If he doesn’t realize the pain he has caused, all you can do is pray, pray, and pray some more.

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    I sugest you should listen to this song and write thoughts on the song in this section.
    (Mabye it’ll help, I doon’t know) hopefully it will :)

    Also, I want ya’ll to watch a video about this song.

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