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    I saw you guys do this with the struggle, the light meets the dark and over and underneath
    So what are your top 35 on all 3 albums together?
    1 as in most favorite and 35 on least

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    I know it says 35, but its supposed to say 34
    1.The Struggle
    2.You Do All Things Well
    3.Don’t Stop The Madness
    7.Where Life Will Never Die
    8.Lamb Of God
    9.Hostage Of Peace
    10.All The Same
    12.Strangers Here
    14.by your side
    15.you are more
    17.all the pretty things
    18.healing begins
    19.house of mirrors
    20.strong enough to save
    21.love is here
    22.any other way
    24.empty my hands
    25.lift us up to fall
    26.you are
    27.the truth is who You are
    29.hearts safe
    30.hold my heart
    31.oh my dear
    32.let it go
    33.break me down
    34.on and on

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    1. The Struggle
    2. By Your Side
    3. Worn
    4. Times
    5. You Are More
    6. Any Other Way
    7. Hold My Heart
    8, Don’t Stop the Madness
    9. Healing Begins
    10. Strong Enough to Save You
    11. Hallelujah
    12. Love Is Here
    13. Oh My Dear
    14. Grace
    15. Satisfy
    16. Losing
    17. Empty My Hands
    18. Where Life Will Never Die
    19. On And On
    20. Hearts Safe
    21. Let it Go
    22. Lift Us Up to Fall
    23. Hostage of Peace
    24. Lamb of God
    25. All the Same
    26. Strangers Here
    27. Shadows
    28. All the Pretty Things
    29. Break Me Down
    30. House of Mirrors
    31. You Are
    33. The Truth is Who You Are
    34. You Do All Things Well

    (Although I must say that I enjoy all of 10th Aves music pretty much the same =)

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